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Sale Specialist School is located in Sale in the Gippsland Education Region of Victoria




Discover Answers to your FAQs


1. Getting started

Q. What is the cost of a school website designed by Web Feats for Schools?

A. Web Feats for Schools has 3 different packages depending on your school's individual requirements.

Website Package Prices and Inclusions

Q. What are the ongoing costs after the site is completed?

A. There are no ongoing costs if your school wants to do the updating itself. And there is no cost for web hosting for Victorian Government schools - hosting is supplied by your school internet provider.

Q. Our school wants to be able to send notifications to parents. Can we do this through the website?

A. No but a smartphone app can and it can work in conjuction with your website. A smart phone application can let parents know when you post something new on your website. They can use it use it download forms or documents from your website directly to their smart phone. Click here for more information about smartphone apps for schools.

Q. What do I do to get the process started?

A. Contact Web Feats to arrange a time to meet at your school for a free, no obligation, consultation. Schools outside100km radius of Sale should email or telephone to discuss their needs.

Q. Will my school need to get a domain name or find a web hosting service?

A. No. Most schools will already have a domain name set up by their governing education sector even if they currently do not have a website online at their school domain address.

Q. Does Web Feats For Schools sell hosting?

A. No. Web Feats does not sell hosting but can arrange it for you through a Gippsland web hosting business that can register a domain name for your website if you do not already have one.

Currently government schools do not need to pay for hosting if their website is hosted by their school internet provider.

2. The website construction phase

Q. Where does my website content come from?

A.Text content is taken from what you supply. Schools normally supply a digital copy of their current school handbook. Annual reports, policies, strategic plans and AIPs may also be supplied. These documents can be emailed. Web Feats will come to your school to take photos for the image content if your school is within a 200km radius of Sale in Gippsland.

What about images of Special Programs such as Camps?

Images need to be supplied by all schools for special programs such as camps, sport, school productions etc. These can be burned to CD and mailed to Web Feats or copied from your server if Web Feats is able to come to to your school.

What if my school is too far for Web Feats to come and take on site photos?

A. Schools further than 200km from Sale in Gippsland should select the images they want to be used on the website. Burn to CD or copy to a USB and mail to Web Feats for Schools.

Address details are available on the Contact page.

Can school video content be included?

A. Yes. However there may be an additional cost for conversion & compression of video content so it will be suitable to play in a web browser.

Q. Who writes the site content for the pages?

A. Web Feats sources and re purpose most of the site text content from your existing handbooks and other school publications. The most you might choose to write is the Welcome message on your School's Home Page.

Q. How does consultation take place during the web construction phase?

A. Usually via email or phone . You be provided with an interim web address to preview your site pages online as they are constructed.

This web address can be shared with any member of staff who needs to be involved in the process. During this stage you can copy the content of the online pages, edit the content in Word and email Web Feats any changes or additions required.

When your website is completed and online at your school's web address, you will be able to edit the content yourself using the software supplied.

Q. How long will the construction process take?

A. As a rough guide around one term would be required.


3. After your website is online

Q. When it's complete how can I update text and add our school newsletters?

A. Web Feats provides a 2 hour, on site training session for nominated staff in how to update your website*. You will also be supplied with video tutorials, support notes & free software required to edit and upload your web pages. Training is included as part of the medium & large school package . Small schools can access the training as an extra.

*On-site training only available to schools within a 200km radius of Sale

Q. Our school already has Adobe Dreamweaver. Can we edit the website using it instead of the free software supplied?

A. Yes.

If your school has Adobe Dreamweaver and wants to edit & update your website using it (not the free HTML editor supplied) you can. If you require support to do this then alternative video tutorials can be created* that will show you how to edit and upload your website using Dreamweaver CS5.

*Videos prepared for your school in Dreamweaver will incur an additional cost

Q. What if our school is over 200kms and too far for an on site training visit?

A. You will be supplied with everything you will need to manage & update your school website after it is online on CD. This includes:

  • the free software programs you need to edit and upload your web pages
  • a series of video tutorials that show you how to install your software, edit your web pages & upload content
  • support notes to print out that take you through the process

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

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Q. What if our school does not have the staff time available to update the website?

A. Web Feats can provide an update service for you if you wish. See page update package

Q. What about contiuing customer support after the website is online?

A. Web Feats for Schools is always there for schools who need support with their websites.

Web Feats retains original copies of all school websites and the ability to connect to the host server should any files ever need to be restored.

Schools are welcome to contact Web Feats by phone or email should they require assistance with their school website.